RUNYOGA is a community that brings the practices of running and yoga together. It’s approach is much more than just getting faster, stronger and or/more flexible. It’s all about mindfulness. Goals, chasing personal records, and accomplishing only gets you so far. It’s all about connecting to your best self, to BE your best self.

RUNYOGA was founded by Cara Gilman, a dedicated runner, run coach, and yoga teacher. Cara knows first-hand how powerful and important the practice of yoga is, for it saved her from countless running injuries and burn-out. From 2005 to 2010, Cara completed 7 marathons and it began to take a serious toll on her physically and mentally.  Running was how she stayed grounded, inspired and motivated and without it, she struggled to feel connected to herself. She stumbled upon a yoga class at a gym one night and it changed her life. Once again, she felt that connection that she craved and missed so much.

Once Cara began to teach yoga, she wanted to share this gift of connection that she had been given to others, especially those like her that struggled with injury and mental burn-out. Hence, where RUNYOGA was born. On October 20, 2014, 20 people laced up their sneakers and laid out their yoga mats to participate in the first ever 6 week RUNYOGA series. Cara had no idea what to expect and was nervous whether people would even show-up. Her nerves just proved to be excitement, for after just a few sessions, it became very apparent how something very special was forming. And special it was and special it continues to be today.

"RUNYOGA is the perfect way to start your week, find your people, fall in love with Boston (during all of the seasons), and feel inspired. Cara combines her fantastic energy and extensive knowledge to cultivate a safe space for deepening, or beginning, your running/yoga journey. Through RunYoga, Cara continues to build a community that is supportive, uplifting, and incredibly fun. The workouts are diverse and encourage students to tap in to their inner strength, while simultaneously embracing the supportive community. Regardless of what part of your fitness journey you are on, I would highly recommend RunYoga with Cara Gilman. RunYoga will make you laugh, lighten your spirit, and enliven your soul."
Meghan B.
"Who knew Mondays could be your favorite day of the week?! Most people look forward to Fridays, but Cara created something so special with RUNYOGA that she turned Monday into the new fun day! Don’t be fooled by its name, though - RUNYOGA is just as much a community for yogis who don’t consider themselves avid runners as it is for runners who never knew how much they needed yoga to complement their training. At different times in my life, I was more a yogi than a runner and vice versa, but Cara truly opened my eyes and heart to the importance of a balanced practice through RUNYOGA. Personally, I am most thankful to have been a part of this incredible RUNYOGA community throughout every point of my running career in Boston: from my newbie moments of testing the waters of this thing called “running” (especially running with others in a social setting/not just on a treadmill quickly after work), to the really high points where I became (relatively) speedy and confident, to the very low points when I was injured and felt lost, and –most importantly – to all of the little in between moments of discovery, growth, and progress. Cara and the RUNYOGA crew supported me equally when I fell deeply in love with running and when I fell out of love with it and was trying to find my pace again; when I changed jobs, moved a little bit outside of the city, needed a community and, therefore, joined the Virtual Series; and finally when I found my way back to the in-person series and needed a safe space to reflect, grow, and play again. And don’t even get me started on the yoga portion of RUNYOGA… Cara’s yoga practices are playful, challenging, soulful, and – somehow – always helps you connect with what you need most in the moment, whether that’s a deep quad stretch, a 60-second forearm plank hold, or Yoga Nidra and a guided meditation. To me, RUNYOGA is just as much uplifting as is grounding, and has been a consistent and monumental force in my overall well-being throughout the years. The most amazing part about this community? You will always find someone your pace; someone to push you a little further or harder; someone to take it easier or slower with you on any given day, if need be; someone who will inspire you to be kinder (to others and yourself). While you can’t guarantee much in life, I can promise you that you will always leave RUNYOGA radiating with positivity – from the smile on your face, to the love in your heart, to the glistening sweat stuck all over your body!"
Meg L.
I joined Cara's RUNYOGA early in my running journey. RUNYOGA was a great introduction to the sport! I learned about speed and hill workouts, plus runners' stretching and strength training. This knowledge added real richness to my training cycles. Cara's leadership includes unique focus on the emotional aspects of running and training. Her RUNYOGIS practice meditation and mental resolve on and off the mat. I have come back year after year. Mainly because I love how appreciated and celebrated Cara makes me feel. She builds a safe, non-competitive environment for asking questions, developing as an athlete, having fun and making friends. I have made so many new friends! Showing up each Monday for RUNYOGA is a great treat I highly recommend!
Christine Y.
"Cara's RUNYOGA virtual series was amazing! After moving to a new city not too long ago I had been missing Cara's in person class and RUNYOGA series. This virtual experience allowed me to still practice with Cara and other runners but on my own schedule. Cara is filled with knowledge about yoga and running and how to tie the two together so perfectly! Excited to continue to add these practices and meditations into my training! Thank you Cara!"
Danielle K.